Open House

This weekend The Clarkson School will be hosting our Spring Open House.  This is a great time for families to visit campus and meet current Clarkson School students.  During the day students will have the opportunity to attend specific information sessions pertaining to their major of interest, view clubs and activities available at Clarkson University at the activities fair, take a tour of the facilities and campus as a whole, and also have a chance to get last-minute questions answered.

The Clarkson School will have a specific information session for students who are interested in learning more about our early college entrance program.  During this time families will get more information regarding how to apply, financial aid, student life, curriculum, and where students go after their Clarkson School year; basically everything that The Clarkson School encompasses.

It is not too late to register to be a part of this experience.  Families may register by phone at 315-268-4425, or via online registration at:  We hope to see you there!  Keep your fingers crossed for a sunny day 🙂


Winter Festivities

It has been a busy few weeks at the Clarkson School.  Kicking off with a ski trip to Smuggler’s Notch at the end of January, and concluding with the week’s ice carnival festivities, Clarkson School students have had many events keeping them busy.

Early Saturday morning January 28th the Clarkson School students loaded the bus bound for Smuggler’s Notch Ski Resort in Cambridge Vermont.  The weekend was full of skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and even swimming and soaking in the hot tub.  Student’s stayed in Smuggler’s Notch condos and enjoyed the reprieve from the everyday trials of class and tests.

Following the Smuggler’s notch trip the Clarkson School was graced with the visit of a very special alumna, Miss New York, and Second Runner Up Miss America, Kaitlin Monte (TCS ’06).  Kaitlin was impressed with the changes made on campus, and the new Clarkson School offices.  She had the privilege of having her own personal tour guide, current Clarkson University student, and brother, Russel Monte, also is a Clarkson School alumnus.  He completed the program in 2010.

Our winter festivities conclude with the Ice Carnival, which concluded this past Saturday.  The Carnival was welcomed in with the Miss Ice Princess pageant, who was crowned at the Ice Ball that night.  The Ice Ball provided an excuse to get dressed up and dance the night away in the middle of the winter.  Other Ice Carnival festivities included maple candy making, a super bowl party, karaoke night, wacky winter wear contest, and Summer Skate night.

(Clarkson School Ladies all dressed up for Ice Ball)

For more updates, pictures, and videos visit the Clarkson School on Facebook.

Bryce Bandish

My name is Bryce Bandish and I am a seventeen-year-old Clarkson School student from southern Vermont.  Don’t get me wrong high school was a great time; I had a plethora of friends, and played varsity baseball. In addition, I was an all-state euphonium player. I would go snowboarding regularly and enjoyed running my own business (Maple Apparel, check it out on Facebook). However; I had outgrown the school, and what it had to offer.  I had completed nearly all of the science classes, and to top it off the Calculus teacher had retired.  To me, there was nothing left to challenge myself in my senior year.

When the idea of entering college a year early at the Clarkson School arose, I was all over it!  It presented itself as a way to progress my studies while advancing myself a year early.

Clarkson offered me a great program studying chemistry and minoring in business.  The school offers a great team to help transition this first year, and supplies you with the things you need to succeed.  The Clarkson School became more and more attractive to me by the day once I learned all of this.  Although Financial Aid can be daunting, I feel as though I was provided with the assistance needed to make informed decisions.  Matt Rutherford, the Director of the Clarkson School, was great at assisting my family and I though this process.  I began to feel more at ease, and even more excited.

The Clarkson School has many attractive features, from tutors, awesome field trips, club opportunities, academics, new people, and Hockey Games.  I have found that I can do everything from high school while attending the Clarkson School, and if I couldn’t they’d help me find a way.

Bryce Bandish ’15

New Year, New Start

 Refreshed from a long break, students are beginning to trickle onto campus ready to tackle the Spring Semester.  A new schedule, new professors, and a new mindset always seems to energize students to challenge themselves to continue building on their Fall Semester. 

You too, as a prospective student should feel renewed.  Maybe you have a new educational goal, academic view, or a career aspiration.  Whatever it may be, embrace it!  I too have a resolution for you…CHALLENGE YOURSELF!

It sounds so simple and flows so easily from our lips, but can actually prove to be quite difficult at times.  Humans are creatures of comfort; once outside this safe bubble of everything we know, we begin to question our ability.  Should I take that advanced class?  Join the robotics team?  Campaign to be class president?  Yes!  Push yourself outside your comfort zone; you will thank yourself for it later. 

Which leads me to this Admissions Tip:  Make a list of your accomplishments you have achieved thus far in your high school career.  Take that list and expand upon how each of these accomplishments has brought meaning to either your educational, social, or personal endeavors.  Understanding how each activity, event, or recognition shaped the person you are allows you to become more aware.  Being able to express these accomplishments during an interview in a clear and concise manor, while explaining their meaning, reveals confidence in your abilities. 

You may or may not be at the point where you have started to visit colleges or universities.  However, having a conversation with your guidance department regarding college options can never happen too early. This may be a great way in which to challenge yourself this year; research colleges and universities that have a program that interests you.  If you are still unsure of what you would like to study look at colleges that have an exploratory program in a general concentration.  Once you have made a list, start visiting!  Physically visiting a college provides you with a better understanding and feel for the opportunities they offer.

Happy New Year, I hope you’re up for the challenge!

The Clarkson School offers personalized visits Monday through Friday from 9am-3pm.  During a visit prospective students will not only tour campus, but can meet with an admission representative, a professor, a coach, and current students. To schedule a personalized visit contact Annette Green via phone at 1-800-574-4425 or email  

The Night Before Finals


‘Twas the night before finals, and all through the lounge,

Not a professor was stirring, not a T.A to scrounge;

The books were laid open on their tables with care,

In hopes they’d remember all the information in there;

The students were nestled all snug on the couch,

While a vision of straight a’s would prove them no slouch;

And my tutor with his last teachings, and I with my notes,

Had just settled down not quite ready to gloat;

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my desk to see what was the matter.

Away from the window I flew like a flash,

Who knew after studying all day how quickly I could dash.

The moon on the grass of the snow barren lawn

Made me gasp to myself “Oh my gosh, it’s almost dawn!”

When what to my exhausted eyes should appear,

But the finals fairy, saying “Don’t you worry my dear.”

That little old lady full of knowledge and wit,

Kept repeating herself, “my dear, don’t you quit!”

“Now physics, biology, chem, and Calculus,

From chapter one to twenty-two, if you study them all your grades will be miraculous.”

As I looked at her in awe and disbelief,

I actually started to feel some relief.

So to the studying I got cracking,

This student wasn’t slacking!

She was dressed in all text to her head to her feet,

And she even remembered to bring me a study treat.

A bundle of books she flung on the desk,

Really? all this seemed quite grotesque.

But her eyes how they flew,

And all the knowledge I now knew!

A wink of her eye, and a twist of her head,

Soon gave me to know I had nothing to dread.

She spoke not a word,

And flew away almost like a bird.

But i heard her exclaim as she few out of sight,

“Good luck on your finals, you’ll ace them with delight!”

I hope you all got a visit from the final fairy this semester! Enjoy your break and happy holidays! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone!

Campus has been buzzing lately with chatter of the holidays.  After three months of classes students are ready to go home and relax for Thankgiving break, knowing that upon their return they will need to buckle down for the last few weeks of classes before finals. 

It doesn’t seem as though three whole months have passed.  To see the growth that these students have made is absolutely amazing.  Three months ago 61 students came to the Clarkson School blind as to who their peers would be.  Since then, these same 61 students have made such a bond that they fear the few days they will be apart during Thanksgiving break!  Though a visit home and seeing friends and family must be a welcoming thought during their last days of classes, hugs and “I’ll miss you’s” echo in the lounge. 

During our last Open House a question was posed to current Clarkson School students during an information session: “Do you miss your family and friends at home, do you get homesick?” One student answered that they thought this is the major worry for most families, espcially when students are a couple years younger than most freshman.  I think the answer provided accurately reflects the current class, and the worries their families had when they were making their decisions.  Yes, students get homesick, but the sense of community within the Clarkson School provides an extended family when these thoughts of missing home occur. 

So, as students make their way home once again for the holidays, they now have two families to be thankful for.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, eat lots of turkey, and enjoy the company of your loved ones!

Cheers 🙂


Anh Tran

Anh Tran

My name is Anh Tran and I am from Vietnam.  I am currently a first year student at The Clarkson School, which is an early college program at Clarkson University.  The program is essentially opened to bright, motivated high school students who have typically completed their junior year of high school and are ready to start college studies a year earlier than usual. As the urge for new explorations sparked within me last year, I decided to study abroad in America as an exchange student in high school. After experiencing American cultures for a year, I embarked on my next tier of education at The Clarkson School at Clarkson University, where I believe I will learn and grow better.

Time flies fast.  I can’t believe that I have been at Clarkson for almost 3 months. Without a doubt, my life has changed dramatically, as transitioning between high school and college is considerable.  As my major was undecided, I challenged myself to take different courses based on my interests and strengths.  At the beginning, I felt overwhelmed by the significant amount of workload. However, things got a lot better, thanks to a variety of resources offered at Clarkson University.

First and foremost, the Clarkson School faculty and staff are so welcoming and supportive.  As the TCS office is connected to the students’ dorm, my friends and I easily have access to our advisors whenever we need help. In fact, I strongly recommend everyone who needs assistance in school ask their professors for help during office hours.  They are very helpful professors, who are willing to explain students’ questions and concerns, and to give any advice about both academics and social fields. I have found the more time I spend working with my professors, the more our relationship develops.

So far, I have truly enjoyed working at The Clarkson School where I am able to refine my existing skills and competencies and expand my social network to grow as a better leader. Among the seven classes that I am taking in this fall semester, my favorite class, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, offers me a great opportunity to work in groups. We learn to examine different business concepts, formulate a business plan, pitch to investors, and run a real business in case the company receives the requested funding. My classmates and I have been working cooperatively, supporting each other in order to overcome challenges and achieve accomplishments in the near future. Besides focusing on academics, I enjoy getting involved in different clubs as a way to balance my life.

 For instance, as the Vice President of The Newman Club, I am working with the parish and my colleagues to spread the Christian faith on campus. We organize a weekly family dinner and a one-day retreat where students from Clarkson University and SUNY Potsdam, our neighbor university, are able to meet faithful people and expand their circle of friends. In addition, working as a secretary in the CU Tennis Club grants me a great opportunity to encourage more people to play tennis as an entertaining sport. I also love dancing and getting involved in show choir. Therefore, I decided to participate in the Dance Team to improve my skills and perform on stage during special occasions. As I am thrilled to get involved in many social activities, being a member of the Circle K stimulates me to improve the quality of life in the community in which I am currently living.  Although I have to deal with a considerable amount of workload, I try my best to arrange my time appropriately so that I don’t miss any opportunity to become a well-rounded person.

At this time, I feel very comfortable staying at Clarkson University. I believe that I have an impact on the community here. I also believe this is a place where I found myself and will be able to achieve my full potential.



Hi, my name is Amanda Rickett and I am the Assistant Director of Admission at The Clarkson School.  The Clarkson School is an early college entrance program at Clarkson University, located in Potsdam, NY.  I will explain in more detail specifics about The Clarkson School shortly, first; allow me to share a little about myself.

I began my position at The Clarkson School one year ago in November.  However, this position is not my first experience with Clarkson.  I am a 09’ Clarkson University alumna, a decision I will never regret.  I would have to say my favorite part of my job is to inform students on opportunities available at The Clarkson School, so they too have the knowledge to make an educational decision they will never regret.

My decision to start this blog stemmed from a desire to inform more students.  The topic however has become somewhat of an internal debate.  Do I speak about my experience at Clarkson University? Do I speak about how an early college entrance program is not as daunting as it seems? How about some words of advice on the admissions process? And I couldn’t leave out all the fun things happening at The Clarkson School.  My decision….I choose them all!

Choosing a college or university can be scary; choosing to attend a year early can be even more confusing.  So, I would like to keep you up to date on the happenings of The Clarkson School, giving you information to decide if we are the right early college program for you, how to go about applying, and provide you with tidbits of advice along the way.

With that being said, I leave you as promised with an explanation of The Clarkson School below.  Check back for information regarding locations the Director of Admission and myself will be visiting, and upcoming events and deadlines.  In the meantime visit us at!

The Clarkson School in a nutshell:

The Clarkson School, an early college entrance program at Clarkson University, allows high school seniors the opportunity to attend college a year early.  Since 1978, The Clarkson School has given academically accelerated students the opportunity to:

  • Begin college early, taking a full course load alongside other Clarkson undergraduates.
  • Be part of a smaller more supportive residence environment
  • Take part in specialized programs that bridge the transition between high school and college.
  • Participate in Clarkson clubs, join a Division III sports team, and earn up to 32 college credits.
  • Automatically continue at Clarkson University as a sophomore, or move on to other top colleges and universities, taking the college credits earned here for evaluation.