Anh Tran

My name is Anh Tran and I am from Vietnam.  I am currently a first year student at The Clarkson School, which is an early college program at Clarkson University.  The program is essentially opened to bright, motivated high school students who have typically completed their junior year of high school and are ready to start college studies a year earlier than usual. As the urge for new explorations sparked within me last year, I decided to study abroad in America as an exchange student in high school. After experiencing American cultures for a year, I embarked on my next tier of education at The Clarkson School at Clarkson University, where I believe I will learn and grow better.

Time flies fast.  I can’t believe that I have been at Clarkson for almost 3 months. Without a doubt, my life has changed dramatically, as transitioning between high school and college is considerable.  As my major was undecided, I challenged myself to take different courses based on my interests and strengths.  At the beginning, I felt overwhelmed by the significant amount of workload. However, things got a lot better, thanks to a variety of resources offered at Clarkson University.

First and foremost, the Clarkson School faculty and staff are so welcoming and supportive.  As the TCS office is connected to the students’ dorm, my friends and I easily have access to our advisors whenever we need help. In fact, I strongly recommend everyone who needs assistance in school ask their professors for help during office hours.  They are very helpful professors, who are willing to explain students’ questions and concerns, and to give any advice about both academics and social fields. I have found the more time I spend working with my professors, the more our relationship develops.

So far, I have truly enjoyed working at The Clarkson School where I am able to refine my existing skills and competencies and expand my social network to grow as a better leader. Among the seven classes that I am taking in this fall semester, my favorite class, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, offers me a great opportunity to work in groups. We learn to examine different business concepts, formulate a business plan, pitch to investors, and run a real business in case the company receives the requested funding. My classmates and I have been working cooperatively, supporting each other in order to overcome challenges and achieve accomplishments in the near future. Besides focusing on academics, I enjoy getting involved in different clubs as a way to balance my life.

 For instance, as the Vice President of The Newman Club, I am working with the parish and my colleagues to spread the Christian faith on campus. We organize a weekly family dinner and a one-day retreat where students from Clarkson University and SUNY Potsdam, our neighbor university, are able to meet faithful people and expand their circle of friends. In addition, working as a secretary in the CU Tennis Club grants me a great opportunity to encourage more people to play tennis as an entertaining sport. I also love dancing and getting involved in show choir. Therefore, I decided to participate in the Dance Team to improve my skills and perform on stage during special occasions. As I am thrilled to get involved in many social activities, being a member of the Circle K stimulates me to improve the quality of life in the community in which I am currently living.  Although I have to deal with a considerable amount of workload, I try my best to arrange my time appropriately so that I don’t miss any opportunity to become a well-rounded person.

At this time, I feel very comfortable staying at Clarkson University. I believe that I have an impact on the community here. I also believe this is a place where I found myself and will be able to achieve my full potential.