Hi everyone!

Campus has been buzzing lately with chatter of the holidays.  After three months of classes students are ready to go home and relax for Thankgiving break, knowing that upon their return they will need to buckle down for the last few weeks of classes before finals. 

It doesn’t seem as though three whole months have passed.  To see the growth that these students have made is absolutely amazing.  Three months ago 61 students came to the Clarkson School blind as to who their peers would be.  Since then, these same 61 students have made such a bond that they fear the few days they will be apart during Thanksgiving break!  Though a visit home and seeing friends and family must be a welcoming thought during their last days of classes, hugs and “I’ll miss you’s” echo in the lounge. 

During our last Open House a question was posed to current Clarkson School students during an information session: “Do you miss your family and friends at home, do you get homesick?” One student answered that they thought this is the major worry for most families, espcially when students are a couple years younger than most freshman.  I think the answer provided accurately reflects the current class, and the worries their families had when they were making their decisions.  Yes, students get homesick, but the sense of community within the Clarkson School provides an extended family when these thoughts of missing home occur. 

So, as students make their way home once again for the holidays, they now have two families to be thankful for.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, eat lots of turkey, and enjoy the company of your loved ones!

Cheers 🙂