My name is Bryce Bandish and I am a seventeen-year-old Clarkson School student from southern Vermont.  Don’t get me wrong high school was a great time; I had a plethora of friends, and played varsity baseball. In addition, I was an all-state euphonium player. I would go snowboarding regularly and enjoyed running my own business (Maple Apparel, check it out on Facebook). However; I had outgrown the school, and what it had to offer.  I had completed nearly all of the science classes, and to top it off the Calculus teacher had retired.  To me, there was nothing left to challenge myself in my senior year.

When the idea of entering college a year early at the Clarkson School arose, I was all over it!  It presented itself as a way to progress my studies while advancing myself a year early.

Clarkson offered me a great program studying chemistry and minoring in business.  The school offers a great team to help transition this first year, and supplies you with the things you need to succeed.  The Clarkson School became more and more attractive to me by the day once I learned all of this.  Although Financial Aid can be daunting, I feel as though I was provided with the assistance needed to make informed decisions.  Matt Rutherford, the Director of the Clarkson School, was great at assisting my family and I though this process.  I began to feel more at ease, and even more excited.

The Clarkson School has many attractive features, from tutors, awesome field trips, club opportunities, academics, new people, and Hockey Games.  I have found that I can do everything from high school while attending the Clarkson School, and if I couldn’t they’d help me find a way.

Bryce Bandish ’15